sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011

Frases sobre Bullying.

Bullying: today you are the hunter, tomorrow you will be hunting.

bullying: to appear evil, humiliating others, if I can appear for good, helping people?

bullying is crime, and those who practice a criminal.

you were not born to delay, but to renew, is an "agent anti bulying '!

bullying: the spell can turn against the magician!

Bullying: not part of that story!

bullying: Today I, tomorrow you!

bullying: your my, our responsibility!

bullying: lack of love for others!


If you think the bully.
Who is the bully ends up on the floor.

If you hit the little ones.
They grow.

If you scold or offend someone.
Someone may offend you.

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